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Eight good reasons for learning DSP
(and how this book will help you do it)

  1. It's the future!
    Think how electronics has changed the world in the last 50 years. DSP will have the same role over the next 50 years. Learn it or be left behind!
  2. DSP can snatch success from the jaws of failure
    Let Steve Smith tell you about three examples from his own career.
  3. Excellent graphics- over 500 figures, graphs, and illustrations
  4. A three step approach in explaining concepts
    Explain the concept in words; present the mathematics; show how it is used in a computer program. If one doesn't make sense, maybe the other two will help.
  5. Simple computer programs
    Look at these example programs from the book.
  6. Delayed use of complex numbers
    Most books on DSP are filled with complex math. This book is different; it explains all the important techniques using only basic algebra. Like to hear more?
  7. Digital Filters: simple to implement, incredible performance!
    Check out these examples.

  8. ...and the best reason for learning DSP:

  9. Your competition knows DSP
    Jobs, promotions, grant money, product sales; we are all in competition. Up-to-date technologies can make the difference- and DSP is one of most powerful!