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The Scientist and Engineer's Guide to Digital Signal Processing
by Steven W. Smith

Hard Cover, 1997
ISBN 0-9660176-3-3
The hardcover book is intended for both accademic and professional use. Does not include two chapters on Digital Signal Processors that are included in the softcover binding; however, these chapters are available free in electronic form at: Chapter 28 and Chapter 29. The hardcover edition includes a 23 page study guide not in the softcover edition.

Digital Signal Processing: A Practical Guide for Engineers and Scientists
by Steven W. Smith

SoftCover, 2002
ISBN 0-7506-7444-X
In spite of the name being different, this is the same book reprinted in paperback. It is published by Newnes.

Old Editions

ISBN 0-9660176-4-1
This edition was distributed by Analog Devices, Inc. as promotional material for their DSP product line. It is no longer available.