Concealed Weapon Detection System
Developed by Steven W. Smith, Ph.D.,
Sold by Rapiscan Security Products


X-ray vision for fighting crime and terrorism

The SECURE 1000 is an electronic imaging system used to detect weapons, explosives, drugs, and other dangerous objects concealed under persons' clothing. The person being examined stands in front of the system for a 3 second front scan (as shown), and then turns around for a 3 second rear scan. A digital image is immediately displayed on the security operator's computer screen showing the shape and location of objects hidden under the clothing.

[front scan] [rear scan] These are typical images produced by the SECURE 1000. Several concealed objects can be seen in the front scan: plastic explosive (on the chest), .38 caliber handgun, coins in the pocket, snaps on the trousers, screwdriver, and a metal watchband. The shin bones can also be seen since they are very near the skin. Concealed objects in the rear scan: C4 explosive, .38 caliber bullets, wallet, hunting knife.

The SECURE 1000 operates by scanning the subject with a narrow beam of x-rays. Some of these x-rays will penetrate a few millimeters into the body, backscatter (reflect) in the opposite direction, and be gathered by sensitive x-ray detectors. Advanced image processing algorithms use this information to generate the images.

The level of radiation used by the SECURE 1000 is about the same as 5 minutes exposure to natural background radiation, or 20 seconds on a commercial airline flight. This radiation dose is classified as "trivial, completely negligible, and not warranting consideration for purposes of radiation protection." Approximately 150 of these systems are in operation in the United States, Mexico, Argentina and Puerto Rico. The SECURE 1000 took 5 years to develop. For SECURE 1000 sales information, send an e-mail to sales@rapiscan.com.

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