Copyright and Permissible Use

    "The Inner Light Theory of Consciousness," in both electronic and printed formed, is
     protected under the copyright laws of the United States and other countries. 


   1. You may download any or all of the book in electronic form, for your personal use. 
   2. You may create one printed copy of any or all of the book, for your personal use. 
   3. You may link other webpages to this site. 
   4. College instructors may copy and distribute any one chapter, per semester, to students in 
       their classes. Each copy must contain the following statement: 

       "The Inner Light Theory of Consciousness, copyright © 2001 by Steven W. Smith. 
        For more information visit the book's website at:" 

PROHIBITED USES (Unless approved in writing by the Publisher )

   1. Using the electronic files, or printed copied derived therefrom, for any commercial purpose.
   2. Copying any portion of the book, either in electronic or printed form, except as listed above.
   3. Posting the book on a website or network.
   4. All other uses that are prohibited under copyright law.

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